Traverse City Urban Chickens

So, I have a couple posts in the draft stage that I’ll finish when I get a spare minute, but I wanted to share this info so here you go! 

We started building a coop for the girls this weekend. (I’ll post pics soon.)  As we started digging postholes, the hubby started questioning my understanding of chicken law.  Some friends told him that the coop had to be 25 feet from the property line, not the house next door.  That would be a problem for us on our lot since it’s only 50-feet across.  To ease his mind, I looked up the ordinance to prove we were in the clear. 

Straight from the horse’s mouth:


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2 responses to “Traverse City Urban Chickens

  1. Hello Fellow Urban Chicken Farmer!

    Very happy to find another TC blogger on the subject! I hope to start building this weekend myself because we’ve had to put things off due to other things going on with friends, family, life in general.

    Afraid it doesn’t look like we’ll actually get our little girls until next year since we’ve gotten a late start and I don’t want my first winter with them to be their last out of my own lack of preparation. We’ll have to see.

    Look forward to seeing what you have here friend!

  2. esp

    Thanks for the link to your chicken info — unfortunately our proposal was voted down, despite the information we gathered (other nearby town’s ordinances, stuff like that). It was obvious our town is not ready for this, so we are working on community building and education. We’ll make another attempt in a bit, after we can build up some more support!

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