Visitors (From a Week Ago . . . )

So it has been interesting to see the chicks fall into a pecking order.  Since Bleu and Parma are two weeks older than Catchy and Rice, they are bigger and have been using their size to their advantage.  I’m not sure that will last since I think Catchy and Rice will eventually be bigger than the other two but maybe the order will already be established when that happens. 

Last Thursday Stephanie and the kids brought their chicks over for the weekend because they were going out of town.  Chase’s two bantam chicks are the same age as our two little girls (three weeks at the time) but because they’re bantams, they’re smaller.  Even smaller than our reds.  This has done interesting things to The Order. 

Our girls plus two.

Our girls plus two.

Once Catchy and Rice noticed the two smaller chicks, they decided that  they were now “big girls” and started acting bossy.  They started standing taller and strutting around like they were queens of the hill.  We were a bit concerned at first for the safety of the little chicks but we monitored them for awhile until we decided they were ok and it all worked out well.  My dear hubby, Adam, was most concerned and thought the antics of Catchy and Rice were particularly humorous.   Periodically we would check in on the girls and find them paired off.  Two reds, two buffs and two bantams not socializing with one another.  Then we’d check in again and all six of them would be huddled together en masse. 

The kids loved having the “little” chickens.  They love our girls, but the extra chickiness (is that a word??) of the bantams was appealing.  They were always carrying a chick around and Gwen sat in the living room holding one on several occasions. 

Chase thinks one of his chicks is a rooster.  I think he’s probably right, but I’m no expert.  Either way, it’s ok. 

The girls and guests.

The girls and guests.

They don’t live in town so he’s allowed to keep a roo.  Plus, he wants a rooster for his 4-H project.   One of his chicks has a much more developed comb than the other.  I’m still hopeful that ours are all hens but since the combs are developing at the same rate, they could all be roosters.  That would be bad. 

In the end I don’t think the visit affected the order, but lately Parmesan seems to be edging Cordon Bleu out for the top spot.



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5 responses to “Visitors (From a Week Ago . . . )

  1. So jealous that you already have your chicks. We’ve been so busy our construction hasn’t started on the coop and run and it looks like we’ll have to wait till spring to get them. Oh well!

    I look forward to seeing your updates and I hope you don’t have any roo’s also.

    • aastricker

      Thanks for the good “hen” vibes. Our coop is done but the run isn’t up yet. The girls have been sleeping in it for two nights now but I need to upload the pics and finish the post. It’s too bad you have to wait ’til spring; I can’t wait to follow your adventure. It’s good to know we’ll soon have company!

  2. Noah

    I am trying to put together an article for the Northern Express about the burgeoning chicken owners scene in Traverse City. Would you be willing to speak with me for an interview?


    Noah Fowle

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