Apple Pickin’

Pickin' Apples

Gwendolyn picking apples

After my day home with Gwen yesterday, I was feeling very productive, rested and refreshed.  So, with only a half day of school today, my friend, Angie, and I decided to take a roadtrip in response to this ad:

“Walton’s Orchards has a surplus of Organic Apples available. This fruit will go to waste if no one takes them. Apples are still on the trees, & we don’t have insurance for U-pick, so you will have to let me know what you want. I will pick them with the help of one or two folks, and donations are greatly appreciated. Contact Sarah for more information: 555-555-5555 Sarah Louisignau”
(I changed Sarah’s contact info so that she doesn’t get crazy calls and E-mails all year round, but if you live in Northwest Michigan and want to pick up some apples, send me a comment and I can help you get in touch with her.) 
Ida Red

Dylan picking apples at Walton's

Angie and I loaded the kids, some 1/2 bushel bags and two Coleman coolers into the back of her Subaru wagon and started the 45 minute drive to Frankfort to find the Orchard.  We talked about school, we talked about food, we talked about kids.  We enjoyed the beautiful views of Northern Michigan on a lovely autumn day that seemed more like a late summer day, and we listened to the kids talk, sing, and argue from the back seat. 
Walton's Orchard

Kids in the orchard on a beautiful fall day

When we finally got to the farm we were amazed by how lovely the trees, bare of leaves and full of fruit, looked. 

Little guy pickin' apples

Big J in the orchard picking apples.

The farm isn’t insured as a U-pick farm, but as Sarah’s guests we were able to help her pick apples.  Each of the kids got a basket lined with a plastic 1/2 bushel bag and Angie and I strapped on the picking harnesses.  (I’m sure they have a different name; if you know, please share.)  I wish I would have taken a picture of the harness contraptions; they’re really genius.  In about an hour we picked over four bushels of Ida Red and Golden Delicious apples between us.  Each of us went home with a cooler FULL of apples and I had two, half-filled, half-bushel bags of apples on top of that. 

Over a bushel of apples

Freshly picked apples (It was full when I brought it home; I've been busy!)

It was a wonderful afternoon spent with people I love and Sarah was happy to see the apples being used instead of wasted.  Wait ’til you see what I’m doing with all those apples!!

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