Traverse City Urban Chickens Finally Get Some Press!

Girls on parade

Do you think being famous will go to their heads?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post called “Northern Express” about my interview with Noah Fowle discussing my chickens, and the growth of urban chicken farming since Traverse City changed its ordinance to allow residents to keep four hens.  Well, I’m excited to announce that the article has arrived!

Noah interviewed several chicken owners, soon-to-be chicken owners and city representatives, and discusses the many reasons people are interested in urban chicken farming from sustainable food to their novelty as pets.

If you’re in Traverse or the surrounding areas, keep an eye out for the latest edition. You can pick them up FREE all over town but it’s only out for a week, so get it while you can.   I plan to pick up a few copies for myself and my out-of-town family members.  But, you can also read the article by clicking here.  Enjoy!



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3 responses to “Traverse City Urban Chickens Finally Get Some Press!

  1. Yeah! You’re a smash hit!

  2. Michael Isabell

    Glad to see the article in the Express (which we get a week late, but the “plan” is to move to TC within a few years, so we keep posted on what is happening there). My partner and I live in Madison, WI, which has a similar ordinance. We have 4 hens as well. Our coop was built by Dennis Noonan, the person who’s coop photo was on TCBokBok’s blog. I look forward to more entries from you. I do plan on trying to make butter after reading your blog entry. 😉

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