Dark Days Week Four (or Thanksgiving: Round Two)

Because we were at the inlaws for Thanksgiving, dinner, although delicious, was out of my control.  As usual, there was entirely too much food including a pie for every two people.  Now that the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone, I decided it was time to cook my own.

Local, homemade Thanksgiving dinner.

Delicious homemade, locally-grown Thanksgiving meal.

I ordered a turkey from my CSA months ago.  I could have picked it up the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, but because we already had plans for dinner, I waited and picked it up the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  It is a giant bird for the four of us, but I’ll use it for stock and soup and all kinds of goodies so that the leftovers don’t go to waste.

I drizzled the turkey with olive oil and sprinkled it with kosher salt inside and out.  Then I stuffed it with an onion, a carrot, some celeriac and parsley from Providence Farms, and some thyme and rosemary from my garden.  I didn’t cook the stuffing in the turkey, but it was made with leftover spelt bread from earlier in the week, some onion, celeriac and lots and lots of sage. 

Local potatoes baked with homemade cheese and local milk.

Baked dauphinois potatoes with homemade cheese and local milk.

Side dishes included acorn squash baked with homemade butter and brown sugar; dauphinois potatoes made with Shetler’s milk, homemade feta and cheddar and local garlic; homemade jellied cranberry sauce; corn on the cob that we froze this summer and homemade spelt croissants with homemade butter.

All that food required a tasty and festive beverage; sparkling pear cider from Left Foot Charley.  The kids had their choice of milk from Shetler’s, or cider that we pressed ourselves in October. 

Pumpkin, apple and blueberry pies

Tiny little cup-pies in pumpkin, dutch apple and blueberry.

I love pie.  However, I did not want three whole pies sitting around.  So, I decided to make cute little cup-pies.  I rolled the crust and cut it into little circles that fit in my muffin tin and then filled each with different fillings.  I made pumpkin pie filling and poured it into four of the cups.  The next four cups were filled with the apple pie filling I canned this summer and topped with streusel topping.  The last four cups were filled with blueberries I picked in Empire blended with a couple tablespoons of flour and sugar and then topped with  the same streusel topping I put on the apple pies.  With cup-pies, everyone gets the pie they want and I don’t have to eat pie all week.  Plus, they’re really cute!!

Everything was local except my olive oil, salt, and the brown sugar I sprinkled on the squash.  In hindsight, I should have used honey or maple syrup instead, but I didn’t. . .  There’s always next year!


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