Dark Days Week 7

I can’t believe how quickly the weeks have flown by.  When I signed on for the third annual Dark Days Challenge at the (not so) Urban Hennery, I questioned my ability to come up with a whole meal every week that would meet the criteria (sustainable, organic, local and ethical).  Some weeks have been easier than others.  The holidays definitely throw a monkey wrench into the works, but even though we travelled for Christmas, I managed to make and post a meal that week.  This week we were home all week and I didn’t have to work but I still managed to put off my meal until the last minute.  Don’t get me wrong, we still ate local eggs, used local flour and pulled things out of the freezer or pantry for many of our meals, but none of the meals we had were completely local. 

Time to pull the ace out of my sleeve.  Saturday Brunch.  Well, it was really just a big, late breakfast, but it was more than I would usually eat for breakfast and it overlapped lunchtime, so if that isn’t brunch, what is?  On the menu this morning:

Blueberry pancakes, potatoes and eggs.

Blueberry pancakes with local honey, fried potatoes with garlic and scrambled eggs with homemade feta.

Redskin potatoes out of storage from the farmers’ market sauteed with garlic from Providence Farm; eggs from my egg lady scrambled with my homemade feta cheese; and pancakes made with local spelt flour, blueberries that we picked ourselves in Empire and honey from Millie Hathaway’s bees. 

As usual, spices are from non-local sources as was the baking powder in the pancakes.  Coffee was also from elsewhwere, since the last time I checked it won’t grow here, but it was fair-trade and organic.  My salt was straight up kosher, but I’ve been researching to see if I can find a local source.  Michigan has a giant salt mine under Detroit that in theory I could get my salt from, but as far as I can tell, none of it is processed as food-grade salt; they mine it priamarily for road salt (which we need tons of).  Anybody know if there is a Michigan source for table or kosher salt?

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  1. stephanie

    I might be wrong but I was thinking that Morton Salt was Michigan Based…. I’ll do some checking.

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