Dark Days (What Week are we on now, Anyway?)

Roast Chicken with the Trimmin's


As usual I’m rushing around trying to finish all the things I want to get done before the weekend is over, but I am finishing them.  Including this post. 

Dinner this week was a delicious roast chicken from Olds’ farm in Mesick with salad, homemade bread and corn on the cob.  The salad was chopped, cold-frame romaine from the Farmers’ Market with my usual standby dressing: homemade yogurt-feta with garlic from Providence Farms.  

The kids have been pestering me to have corn on the cob for a while.  We put a bushel in the freezer in August, but  I didn’t have space to freeze any more so I’ve been trying to ration it and I don’t let them eat it whenever they want it; I’m afraid we’ll run out.  

I’ve been begging the hubby for a bigger freezer since summer.  I think he’s almost ready to give in.  If  When he does I’ll have room for twice as much corn and the kids can eat it (almost) whenever they want it. 

The bread was the usual and came from a batch of dough I started earlier in the week.

Great Lakes Tea & Spice

An herbal tea as relaxing as the Northern Lights.

My mother-in-law bought me some delicious tea from Great Lakes Tea and Spice for Christmas.  I’ve been drinking it nonstop since she gave it to me; it is so delicious!  I had some with dinner, but it is too good to share.

This picture isn’t great, but you can check the tea out at Great Lakes Tea and Spice.


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  1. David Nielsen

    So, my little brother Bruce guided me to your weblog, after Grandma Nielsen shared your Northern News article when I talked to her Sunday. Love the enthusiasm and the effort. Great website. Keep it going! Love ya,Uncle David

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