Dark Days Week Ten

This week I’m remarkably ahead of schedule!!  I’ve already cooked my Dark Days Dinner and I’m writing the post before the weekend??  On top of that I attended (and spoke at) the school board meeting on Monday, created a canned citrus concoction for the January edition of the Can Jam, wrote the post that went with itand helped hubby and the kids finish all the laundry.  On top of all that, I found the secret ingredient I needed to re-attempt the Can Jam!

Good thing we live close to a buffalo farm. . .

Ok, so the house is still a mess and we’re now out of laundry detergent, but I can’t do everything.  

This week’s Dark Days dinner was pretty straightforward.  I started with a buffalo roast from Oleson’s. I seasoned it with salt, pepper, and garlic from my summer CSA share.   Then I went out to the back porch (my winter walk-in cooler) and grabbed a handful of russet potatoes from the 50 lb. bag I bought at the Farmers’ Market.  I chopped them roughly, threw them in the pan with the roast and added a few sprigs of rosemary from the plant that I’ve managed to keep alive in the back porch.  I can always keep one until February or March before I kill it.  I sent Dylan out to the porch to get one of the squash that came in my CSA box this summer and he returned with a squash of unknown variety.  I baked it cut-side-down in an inch of water until it was tender then flipped it over and filled the cavity with honey and butter before tossing it back in the oven to finish.  The broccoli came from Old’s Farm via the freezer and what Dark Days Dinner would be complete without homemade bread??  (Now if I could just find the time to bake sandwich loaves. . .)



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3 responses to “Dark Days Week Ten

  1. You’re far more on top of posting than I am – especially with all your other planning and activities. Squash of unknown variety – how did it taste? You mentioned rosemary – my plants are also still hanging in there in the back garden… do you know if they’ll pull all the way through the winter?

    • aastricker

      It was similar in size, shape and flavor to an acorn squash, but was far lovelier; green mottled with white and yellow. The rosemary in your header is lovely! The guy I bought rosemary from a few years ago said that the plant will do better if it is covered with snow because the snow insulates the plants and protects them from freezing and thawing. I haven’t been able to do it yet, but I’m hopeful. Good luck with yours!

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