After hearing crowing from the henhouse over the weekend, I needed visual proof of the guilty party before I wrongfully convicted someone of being a rooster.  I’ve been suspect of the two buffs for a while now.


Are we roosters, or hens?

So, I sent Gwen out there Sunday morning to try and spy the loudmouth.  But, when she returned, she fingered this guy:

The guilty chick

The prime suspect.

I was still not convinced the other two weren’t roosters.  I mean, look at them!  Don’t they look more rooster-y than the red to you??
So, I went out this morning and peeked into the window.  In the dark it was hard to see for sure which chook was which, but they started crowing in turns so at least two of them are.  The red has already been witnessed so I’m pretty sure the other pair are both roos as well.  I’m a little sad to see them go, but after the symphony they played for me this morning, I can clearly see that the end is near.


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7 responses to “Proof

  1. I really hate I missed this post yesterday. =(

    “…the symphony they played for me this morning” ha ha ha! Man would I have loved to have been your neighbor. That’s just classic. While I personally find the crowing of a single roo or two no problem I’m not exposed to it day in and day out or in multitudes.

    Ad to that the fact that we’re not allowed to have them. I can see a lot of TC residents facing the same problems this year. Bet we make the news! I can see the headlines now… “TC residents crowing of Urban Chickens”. LOL

    • aastricker

      Have you already placed the order for your chicks? I’m trying to decide how to go about replacing them. I was thinking about going the feed-store route, but I’m not sure I can order a particular type. A friend of mine has 4-H connections, so I’m sure I could select breeds if I went through her. I was anticipating culling 1 of them and then just holding off, but now I need to get chicks again. It’s kind of bittersweet.

  2. Anything work out with SEEDS? A transfer of Roosters???

    • aastricker

      Nope, I’m sendin’ the roosters out. However, I believe they’re going to speak at the FWC. (SEEDS, not the headless roos. 🙂 )

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