Rooku ~ a Haiku

Stupid boy chickens
I can’t keep you here in town
And you don’t lay eggs


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8 responses to “Rooku ~ a Haiku

  1. David Nielsen

    egg-lay impostor now gone
    your sister stays and feeds
    your resume is a dark day dinner

  2. le coq, découvert
    c’est un destin délicieux
    coq au vin, tres bien!

  3. aastricker

    I didn’t realize there were so many poets amongst us. 🙂

  4. Sarah

    Kimberly- My name is Sarah and I’m planning T.C.’s first Tour De Coop in the spring. I’ve had some posters up around town trying to find other urban coops but not had much luck. I found you in the Express article. Would you be interested in joining the planning committee or at least offering up your coop for the tour? Thanks for thinking about it!

    • aastricker

      Hi Sarah,
      I don’t think Kimberly has her coop yet, but I’m not sure; I don’t actually know her. I’m Angela. 🙂 However, I’d be happy to offer my coop for the tour and depending on when it is I’d be willing to help plan. I’m currently working on both a Road Rally fundraiser for school AND The Family Wisdom Conference planning committee.

      • Sarah

        I just emailed you so I won’t repeat what I said. Just curious though, what’s the road rally fundraiser?

      • aastricker

        Our school is organizing a road rally. It’s like a scavenger hunt for grown-ups. It is going to be such a blast! You’re welcome to participate; I’ll post some details once we’ve ironed them all out. I’ll check my E-mail and get back to you now, too.

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