Dark Days Week Eleven

I cooked this dinner earlier this week.  It has been so long since I prepared it that I had to look at the photo to remember what I made!!

I started with a pork tenderloin from Shetler’s.  I usually just get dairy from them, but when I stopped at the Mercato Saturday morning, they had cuts of meat available as well; I was pleasantly surprised. 

The bread starter was already in the fridge so I just had to pull a chunk glob out and form it into a loaf to rise.  I turned the oven on and scrubbed some redskins from the root cellar back porch.  I washed and quartered the potatoes and threw them into a bowl.  Next, I pruned some sprigs of rosemary from the pot on the back porch that has (to my amazement) managed to live this long and minced several cloves of garlic from my stash of Providence Farms garlic and threw them into the bowl of potatoes with a little olive oil and some salt and pepper.  Once the potatoes were coated in herbs and spices, I dumped them out into a hot, cast-iron skillet and put the tenderloin into the potato bowl.  I added a little more seasoning to the bowl and let the pork rest for a few minutes while the potatoes cooked.

Once the bread had risen, I threw the loaf in the oven.  Fifteen minutes later I threw the tenderloin into the skillet with the potatoes.  When the bread was finished I pulled it out to cool and flipped the tenderloin.  A few minutes later, dinner was served:

Dark Days Feast

Roemary-garlic roasted redskins and Shetler's pork tenderloin with homemade bread and butter.


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2 responses to “Dark Days Week Eleven

  1. Bread starter can be so handy at times. And my rosemary has done the same, as has the thyme. I keep looking out at it in amazement – it’s holding up wonderfully so far this winter.

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