Can I Jam Carrots?

In January I signed up for the Can Jam Challenge.  I canned two three different batches of marmalade as part of the citrus challenge last month.  You can read about my my marmalades here and here if you haven’t yet.  I was also lucky enough to be selected by Tigress as the random winner of beautiful labels for my next 6 Can Jam entries!  Don’t you just LOVE random!   The labels are made by Lelo in Nopo and you can see samples here.  My jars are going to be so beautiful with her custom labels on them!  So now, what do I make that’s deserving of her artwork??
This month’s featured ingredient is carrots.  I’m thinking some sort of pickled carrot, but I vaguely remember a carrot marmalade recipe from my exhaustive marmalade recipe search last month.  I’m rather fond of marmalade after our brief encounter in January.

I E-mailed Providence Farms, my CSA, to see if they had any carrots in storage that I could buy, but no luck.  Andrea said they could dig some, but that she thought they would be “soup-worthy.”  I’m sure they would be a delicious addition to soup or stews, but if I pickle carrots, I want them to be crisp and crispiness is questionable, so I broke down and bought non-local, organic carrots.  This challenge will be so much more fun when I can use local or homegrown ingredients!

I’ll be posting the finished carrot recipe the week after Valentine’s day, so check back to see what I come up with!

For now, here’s a (rerun) picture of some canned-up summer bounty!

jams, sauces and pickles

See, I can jam, and pickle and sauce.


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  1. Canning carrots, that’s a tough one. I’m at a loss. I did pickle cauliflower, green beans, cucumbers, and peppers over the summer, but somehow the carrots never appealed – I guess partly because of the crispness factor. I’m looking forward to see how it comes out 🙂

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