5 Down, 23 to Go

As I look around my cluttered computer room, it appears that not much has been done.  I, however, know otherwise. 

  • The Christmas ornaments have been returned to storage as have the rolls of gift wrap and the clear tape that never got returned to the wrap storage container. 
  • The filing cabinent has been cleaned out and the files from the drawer of the old desk have been recycled or refiled into the main cabinent. 
  • The main filing cabinent has been cleared off and wiped down.
  • The window sill has been cleared and cleaned and the plants that “live” there have been trimmed and watered. 
  • I started sifting through papers.  I emptied out a paper grocery sack that was filled mostly with papers I don’t need anymore, cleared out a stack of old magazines, and purged a bunch of old mail.

So, I’m well into the purging stage.  I’m not done, but check out this bag full of shredded papers that I’m going to feed to the worms.

old paperwork
50 pounds of paper?

This bag used to hold 50 lbs. of chicken feed.  Now it’s crammed full of shredded papers.  The worms will love all this fresh bedding.  In addition to this bag of “had to shreds”, I also ended up with a box full of paper to recycle.


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