Greasy Bar Food (Dark Days in Disguise)

Lest you think sustainably-grown, organic, local food must be good for you, I have concocted some bad-for-you food out of my delicious, healthy ingredients.  I almost made a salad, but didn’t want to ruin the ‘greasy bar food’ vibe my dinner had goin’ on so I opted for dessert instead. 

I started with two dozen chicken wings from Olds Farm.  I threw them in a saucepan and added half a jar of home-canned tomato sauce, a big ‘glug’ of molasses, a dried chili from my CSA and a little too much Michigan beet sugar for my taste.  That all simmered away while I julienned a pile of russet potatoes from the 50 lb. bag in my super fancy root cellar. 

Spelt pie crust and homemade  apple pie filling

Homemade pie from locally-grown apples that I canned myself.

I had a ball of  spelt-flour pie crust dough in the freezer so I pulled it out and let it thaw while the chicken cooked.  When the crust had thawed I rolled it out, threw it in a pie pan and dumped two quarts of home-canned apple pie filling in it.  Can anyone say, “Five minute pie”?

When the wings were fully cooked, I dumped them out onto a sheet pan and baked them at 400 until they were a little crisp.  While the chicken was crisping, I cooked batches of fries in hot oil (which was not local 😦 ).

The finished dinner, while not the healthiest meal on Earth, was yummy.  And, my greasy homemade chicken wings and fries were much better for me than restaurant wings from factory-farmed chickens, sauce made of who-knows-what, and pesticide and fungicide laden potatoes cooked in hydrogenated oil.  Plus, leftover pie is an excellent breakfast; fruit and whole grains are good for you!

hot wings and french fries

Homemade bar food; what could be better?

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  1. Mmmm, pie. It always tastes good… especially with the apples that you prepared yourself to your personal liking. Have you tried making sweet potato fries? I like those as well, it adds a bit of sweetness to the salty, crispy flavor…

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