Dark Days Week Thirteen?? (or, No More Roosters in the Henhouse)

This week was an incredibly busy week for me. 

To begin the week I had a late meeting Monday evening after school.  On top of that, the second fundraiser for the Family Wisdom Conference was Thursday night and I had to do a lot of things to prepare for it.  I had to collect all the silent auction items from my friends that had agreed to donate items (A handmade basket, Barefoot Books, and abi*bags) and finish building the worm bin that I agreed to donate.  Then, I had to bake cookies.  I made delicious marmalade thumbprints using my homemade blood orange marmalade.  I also baked chocolate chip cookies and hand rolled truffles until all hours of the night Wednesday. 

After preparing for the fund raiser I got to actually attend it!  The evening was wonderful, we had a pretty good turn out and we raised money to cover the expenses of the upcoming conference, but it meant spending all night Thursday out of the house. 

Plus I had a sledding birthday party Friday evening with a meeting for the Road Rally scheduled right in the middle of it. 

Knowing that I had to attend all these functions and complete all these tasks, I set out to cook my Dark Days Dinner early in the week.  I started out with a local sirloin and some potatoes from my “root cellar”.  I whipped up a batch of homemade feta-yogurt dressing for my salad of local butter lettuce and then. . . I burned the potatoes beyond recognition.  Boiled potatoes mind you.  I boiled the pot dry and then waited for the smell of burning potatoes to signal the downfall of my dinner.  Steak and salad alone do not a dinner make.  So, I had to pull a bag of gnocchi out of the cupboard to round out our meal.  Mostly local?  Yes.  Dark Days local?  No.

So yesterday I started over. 

I started my journey as an urban chicken farmer in September.  If you’ve been following me since then you are aware that three of my four chicks turned out to be roosters.  The City doesn’t allow roosters in town so something had to be done.  Last week I dropped off the roos at Olds Farm to be processed.  We picked them up cleaned and bagged the next day and last night I pulled one of them from the freezer and roasted him for dinner. 

Our official Dark Days Dinner this week consisted of our homegrown rooster roasted with onions, celeriac and garlic from Providence Farms, butternut squash also from Providence, corn on the cob from the Farmers’ Market via the freezer,

Dinner was much more succesful the second time around.

The "Official" Dark Days Meal for the week.

butter lettuce salad with homemade yogurt-feta dressing

Local lettuce with homemade dressing.

Local greens with my old standby dressing: Homemade feta, homeade yogurt and local garlic

 and homemade biscuits from locally grown spelt flour. 

Local organic spelt flour makes yummy biscuits!

Dylan helps me roll the biscuits for our Dark Dinner.

Dylan helped me roll out the biscuits and I even drizzled a little honey from Millie Hathaway’s bees on mine.  Yum!


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13 responses to “Dark Days Week Thirteen?? (or, No More Roosters in the Henhouse)

  1. Your meal is so complete and satisfying. Honey on bread, especially biscuits, is delicious with the way the bread soaks up the honey. Your post reminds me of the corn on the cob that is in my freezer – it may now make an appearance on my table this week 🙂

  2. At least on March 29th your 3 new chicks are born and your one hen wont be so lonely anymore. Cant wait to get em all, even the extras!

    By the way… food looks yurm!

  3. Hello! I recently came across your blog and realized we live just a few blocks from each other, in addition to having lots of common interests. I’d love to talk chickens, worms, gardening, canning, cheese-making, sewing, etc. I have a few projects underway, but I could learn LOTS from you. Just let me know if you might have a few moments for a neighborly chat!

    • aastricker

      I stopped by your blog and left a comment there, but I would love to talk chickens, crafts, food . . .

      • Thanks for your comments! It’d be great to find a time to meet up. Sounds like your family stays very busy, but here’s one option, if you happen to be free: soup potluck at my house this Friday evening, very low-key, anybody’s welcome to drop in or stay a while. Or I’m always up for a walk, or whatnot. My email is hofmann(dot)kate(AT)gmail(dot)com – let’s connect!

  4. Angie

    Your dinner looks delicious! You didn’t mention how it went over with the kiddos… was there a moment of silence and appreciation before dinner?

    • aastricker

      Dylan ate it, but Gwen was in bed already. Adam and I discussed how it was a little weird to look at it at first but only at first and then it just looked delicious. 🙂 We should probably be more rverent. I’m going to make homemade soup with the leftovers.

  5. Who’s growing spelt locally? Love your blog. I’m a former Family Wisdom committee “widower”.

    • aastricker

      It’s not strictly “local”, but it’s within my radius of acceptable local foods. It’s from Organic Bean and Grain in Caro. Thanks. I saw the Mrs. at the fundraiser Thursday evening. 🙂

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