My First Egg!

Look what I found today: 

Our Very First Egg!

The first egg from our only hen.


I’ve been checking the coop frequently to see if Chicken Cacciatore Ginny Molly (I’ve recently re-christened her that; more later.) has been laying.  Each time I looked only to find an empty nest box.  This morning I was so surprised that I ran back into the house practically dancing and shouting, “Look what I found!”  

And Ginny, good girl that she is actually laid the egg IN the nest box!  She pushed all the straw out of the way, but it was in the box.  The egg is smallish, but they should get bigger as she figures out the whole egg-laying thing.  

Once the egg was washed, it looked like this: 

My first egg.

What to do with this new egg?



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13 responses to “My First Egg!

  1. Congratulations!

    I’d celebrate for a day and then poach it very slowly.

  2. Michele VanKleek

    wahoo!! The golden egg. Soft boiled is my vote…enjoy that delicious yolk.

  3. Nothing is more eggciting! I get about 8 a day now, but everyday, I’m still excited. Yay! Love your blog! Thanks so much for stopping by mine.

  4. Having a bit of trouble leaving a comment, for some reason! Hope you get this….I’m so ‘eggcited’ for you! I still get excited, when I go out and find eggs, and I’ve been getting them for months!

  5. David N

    I’m at your Mom and Dad’s house and we all agree that is one fine egg. Congrats.
    Uncle Dave

  6. So perfect. How do they do it!? For your first way to cook it, I recommend “egg in the hole”–my favorite way to enjoy a fresh egg.

  7. why is it white first, then brown after you wash it?

    • aastricker

      I think it is calcium build-up, but I’m not sure. When it dried, it looked white again. Kind of like when you get a stone wet.

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