How come we never have enough of it??  This week I have Parent-Teacher conferences.  I realize they are important, but boy are they exhausting.

I know other people work 12 hour days all the time.  But, 12 hour days when you are “on” with kids for seven hours and have to be aware of what is going on in every corner of the room and give meaningful lessons all day before composing yourself and sitting down with parents to provide input on the development of their children is stressful. (Wow!  That was a big sentence.  Someday, when I am not so tired, I will edit it for grammar.)   By the end of the week I am toast.  Plus, somehow this managed to be the week that the brochure for the Family Wisdom Conference is due to the printer~ and I am in charge of that!  My timing is impeccable, no?

Fear not dear readers.  Just because I will be almost entirely unavailable this week does not mean that you shall go without a new post.  I will let you in on a little secret.  Blogs are magic.  No, really.  You can type up posts on the weekend when you have time and schedule them to arrive whenever you like.  This is top-secret stuff.  I really shouldn’t be telling you this.  I think I could cause the internet to collapse by sharing this information. 

 But, back to the point.  I have already written some posts for this week.  And, saved them in cyberspace.  So, sometime this week, new posts will magically appear.  I could be at work.  Or sleeping.  Or even in the shower and, pop!  Up will go a blog post.  Do you see the lengths I go to?  All this just to share my incessant gibberish endless wisdom.  So, check back. 

You’re welcome.


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2 responses to “Time

  1. esp

    Oh dear. There are many things I miss about teaching. The exhaustion that is parent-teacher conference time is NOT one of them. Hang in and good luck!

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