Why I Teach

Do you ever have one of those days that makes you think, “This is why I come to work.”?  For me, today was that day. 

I gave a huge group lesson first thing this morning and the kids all paid attention.  And were interested in the lesson.   After that they finished their journals and I started a few kids on various math activities before sitting with three different kids to give them a lesson and then watched while they really enjoyed grammar.  The kids were even quiet and working all morning. 

One of my students has been struggling with reading.  We sat down and read today.  Over the past few weeks, everything just clicked.  It is the most rewarding feeling.

 Despite budget cuts and politics, long days of meetings and people saying things like, “Those who can’t do, teach”, my job rocks.  Today was just another reminder.

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  1. What a great day! Teachers are wonderful – It’s nice when you can see the fruits from your work. Congrats and thanks for being one of those unsung heroes. Love our teachers!

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