Can Jam March: Alliums

If you’re not up on your Latin, this month’s theme is onions.  And garlic.  And various other onion-related plants.  

Bag of onions

Yellow onions from the market.

Alliums are great additions to many canning recipes, so this month has almost unending possibilities.  I’d love to pickle some baby onions like the tiny pickled onions traditionally served with raclette cheese, but onions haven’t sprouted yet ‘cuz of the two feet of snow blanketing the yard.  I even went to the Mercato to see if any of the farmers at the market had any new baby onions.  No such luck.   So, local baby onions are probably out of the question but I do have this three-pound bag of local onions that I got last fall from the Farmers’ Market, so at least I can finally can a local goodie.


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  1. angelic torrez

    hi,can i plant a onion that growing leaves

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