Dark Days Week 16 Am Edition

I meant to make this meal last week, but I got wrapped up in other business.  (Conferences, typing and formatting brochures, you know, the usual stuff.)  You’d think breakfast wouldn’t be a big deal, but I didn’t have any local bacon and had to go to the store before I could finish the meal.  ‘Cause breakfast isn’t breakfsat for the boys ’round here without meat. 

Most of you know that my Rhode Island Red hen, Molly, started laying eggs a while back.  If you didn’t know that, where the heck have you been?  Go read this post and get caught up already!  And yes, I have changed that poor chicken’s name three times now.  I promise I’m finished now.  But, I digress.  I didn’t know what to do with that lonely egg, so I waited until I had enough to do something with.  Here they are in a bowl waiting to be scrambled:

Molly's first five eggs.

Look at the golden yolks on those babies!

The eggs were so beautiful.  There really is no comparison between home-grown eggs and grocery store eggs, but the color of these eggs is far superior to even the eggs I usually get from my egg-lady.  But, egg quality and why you should have chickens is a completely different subject so I’ll get back to the point.

Breakfast was more than just beautiful eggs.  As I mentioned before, there was meat.  Local bacon.   Hash browns from the sacks of spuds in my “root cellar” and homemade French toast rounded out the scrambled eggs.   The French toast used up the rest of the local hamburger buns from our burgers and fries meal last week and one of the remaining eggs from my egg-lady.  Local syrup, jam and honey were available as toppings for the yummy French toast.

Scrambled eggs, hash browns, French Toast and bacon.



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