Have I mentioned I Love Random??

I’ve never considered myself particularly lucky.  Until now. 

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time you know that I’ve been participating in some challenges over the past few months.  I started with the Dark Days Challenge.  After that I started the Can Jam Challenge.  Most recently, I participated in the 28 Days Challenge.  There weren’t prizes for the Dark Days Challenge or the Can Jam Challenge other than the satisfaction of knowing I was doing the right thing for myself and for my family.  Plus getting some delicious food stocked in my pantry through my canning efforts.

However, Tigress did have a “raffle” of sorts.  It was technically a giveaway but it works the same way a raffle would.  Post a comment in the comments area and if the random number generator selects your comment number, you win.  Well, I was the lucky winner of these beautiful labels (which I still haven’t claimed yet because I am at a loss for a name for my carrots).  I promise, I will claim the labels soon and put them on my jars so that you can all see them.

The 28 Days Challenge was different.  It did have winners.  By posting your before and after pictures and explaining what you did to transform your space you could win many different valuable prizes.  I did not win one of the prizes. 😦  Have you seen the competition???  There were some pretty amazing transformations. 

So, what’s with the lucky feeling?  The Organizing Junkie offered some consolation prizes.  Completely random.  And, I won!  I’m the lucky winner of a $30 prize package from Organize It Mom.  Oh yeah, and I have a wonderful clean room that my kids will go play in and a space to work.  I can’t complain about that.



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3 responses to “Have I mentioned I Love Random??

  1. Congrats! I just won something the other day too but I’m going to wait until I have it in my hand before I blog about it. Pretty cool. Like those labels. Hurry up and name those carrots so we can see you jars!

  2. Angie

    Yay! It’s so fun to win something that is useful and fun!

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