Ok, before anyone stumbles upon my collection of haiku and starts to argue that they aren’t truly haiku,  let me just state in advance, “I know.”  My poems aren’t serene or about nature or any of the other characteristics that define a traditional haiku.  I do it for fun.  I started on a whim one day and kept rolling with it as new topics presented themselves. 

So, if you enjoy them, great.  If you hate them, I’m sorry.  If the poems continue to write themselves, I’ll continue to post them, whether you like them or not, and if the poems stop coming, I’ll stop posting.  Until then, check back on Wednesdays to see what craziness I’ve come up with.


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2 responses to “Haiku

  1. poetry writing is a personal matter, if you feel okay writing the way you are writing that’s it , don’t care about the others, we write cos it’s an outlet not to please the others.well done and good luck.

  2. David Nielsen

    words of food
    eggs flowers and hens
    read this feature
    thank a teacher

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