Lucky Me?

Ok, if you read Have I mentioned I Love Random??, you already know that I was the lucky winner of canning labels from Lelo and a $30 prize package from Organize It Mom (I ordered the Clean It Cards and 2 Job Charts).   Pretty lucky, huh?  But it gets better.

Recently I attended the Farm to School Conference in Traverse City.  While  I was there with a team from my school, I learned about Taking Root, the 5th national Farm to Cafeteria conference being held this year in Detroit, Michigan.  I also learned that scholarships were available to cover the $250 (early bird) registration fee.  I told my husband that I was applying for a scholarship and asked him if he wanted to go to Detroit with me for four days if I was awarded the scholarship.  He replied, “I should probably pack my bags now, you win everything.” 

So, last week when I found out that I had indeed been granted a scholarship to the Farm to Cafeteria conference, Mr. Hippie asked me why I wasn’t playing the lottery.  I haven’t taken up lottery tickets yet, but I have decided to try and win another blog prize.  Tomato Lady and Ivory Soap over at Little House in the Suburbs are giving away a Spring Feet package.  You could win too!  Click on over and check it out.  If you enter, my odds will surely go down.  And, who knows?  If I win this giveaway, maybe I just will start playing the lottery. 🙂



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2 responses to “Lucky Me?

  1. lifefullofwhimsy

    lucky bum 😉 I have only won one thing…a really cool stencil book!

  2. MK

    Great! We should plan an MLFB get together when you are in town!

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