It’s been awhile since I did a chick post, so when I saw this post at Grow & Resist and then this post at Traverse City Urban Chickens  I decided it was time to show you some more pictures of my little ladies.  It seems like only yesterday they were little, fuzzy fluffballs. 

My three little chicks in the brooder.

Day old chicks!

Remember these little cuties?  Starting at top left and moving clockwise you can see our Dominque, Bella; Luna, the Easter-Egger and Hermione, the Golden-Laced Wyandotte.  They change so quickly I wish I would have taken more pictures but you’ll have to settle for my sporadic time-lapsed photography. 

Luna, Hermione and Bellatrix

Happy Easter!

Here on Easter Sunday, the girls were six days old.  You can just see their wing feathers starting to develop.  Top left is Hermione, Bellatrix is in the center and Looney Luna is along the right side.

17 day old chicks

The girls at 17 days perched on Mr. Hippie (who was playing camera-shy).

Hermione wouldn’t stay turned-around but at least from this view you can see her tail feathers.  Luna is center and Bella on the right.  You can see their feathers starting to come in but they still have a lot of downy fluff.

The girls in the brooder

The girls at twenty days.

Don’t they look strange?  Their bodies are mostly feathered, but their heads are all fluff.  It makes their necks look extra spindly.  Luna (in the center) is way ahead of the other girls in feather development.  She reminds me alternately of a hawk and a road runner.  Bella (on the left) is still my favorite, but I think once Hermione’s feathers come in she is going to be beautifully marked.  She is the most skittish of the three.  If I put my hand into the brooder, Hermione runs into a corner, Luna mostly ignores me and Bella jumps right into my hand.  All three will tolerate being held once they are caught, but Bella seems to want to be held.  Luna is the most confident and tries to escape the brooder to explore if the lid is left open. 

The kids and I put them into the chicken run to introduce them to Molly yesterday.  It went ok.  Not well, but ok.  They all just stood there.  Nobody moved.  And then. . .  Molly started pecking at the chicks to see what was going on with them.  Once both Luna and Hermione had been pecked once I decided it was time to go back inside.  We’ll try again soon.


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8 responses to “Chicks

  1. Aren’t they funny looking at that age? I actually had some trouble introducing my 5 new girls to an older hen, so don’t worry if it’s not smooth right away.

    • aastricker

      I think once the little girls are bigger they will be able to defend themselves. 🙂 They’re not ready to be in the coop anyway so I have a while. Good to know it isn’t just me though.

  2. Gary

    Cute. How’s Sunday (potentially) look for shooting some sexy ladies & chicks?

  3. Ah, glad you saw the first chicken post! It is so crazy how fast they grow! I just did another post with their pics at 4 days and they look huge…and now they are even bigger! Your 17 day old pics are a riot–I haven’t seen chicks this age. I imagine my polish chicks will be too funny then.

  4. The girls are looking great!

    Since we lost our only GL Wyandotte Amy and I are very interested in how your girl ends up looking. I know our SL Wyandotte’s are becoming more and more beautiful.

    Our Australorps are going through their “color change” phase and losing their light and peachy down fluff for dark black feathers.

    The little yellow/cream colored Easter Egger is starting to get some coloration as well but I think she’ll ultimately be a lighter multi-colored version of a EE.

    Have you had any luck flipping them over on their backs while cradled in your hand? Totally different experience but very hard to accomplish. Only been able to do it twice now and with the same girl. AND only after I had held her for a while. But she got a good belly rub and seemed to like it. HA!

    Can’t wait to see more pics. How about some new coop pics?

    • aastricker

      I really love the markings on them. The Wyandotte has pretty markings, but I can’t wait to see how the Dominique feathers out. While your Australorps are getting darker, my Dominique is getting lighter. She seems almost gray to me now.
      I haven’t tried flipping them upside down; I’ll have to work on that. 🙂
      Gary’s coming over (Sunday I think) to take pics of the ladies and probably the coop too for the coop loop.

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