Stuff I Love!

My friend Lindsey at Life Full of Whimsy is trying to purge her house of all her extra “stuff”.  That’s something I understand.  But, she also realizes that there are things in life that are useful, helpful and even necessary.  Yesterday she posted “What’s in Your House~Wednesday” and shared the reusable bag that she got from the Family Wisdom Conference on Saturday.  She wants you to share the things in your house that are really useful. 

I decided that in the spirit of “What’s in Your House” and in honor of Earth Day I should share my Abi*bags with you. 

reusable sandwich bags

Fully lined reusable cloth sandwich bags.

I asked her for “boy” prints because I ordered these mostly for my son.  She knows I have chickens, so I especially love the rooster print but I really like all the patterns she picked for me. 

The kids and I have been using wax-lined paper bags for our sandwiches for a while now but these are keeping our bags out of the landfill and saving me money on bags in the long run.  Mr. Hippie has always used plastic wrap to seal up his sandwiches.  When he found these in the kitchen drawer he became a convert.  The skull and crossbones bag on the end is now Mr. Hippie’s sandwich bag of choice.  Since Mr. Hippie packs his lunch almost every day, his reuseable bag is keeping a ton of plastic out of the garbage and saving me money on plastic wrap.

Each bag is lined, seals with velcro and easily holds a sandwich or snacks. 

Sandwich on a large hamburger bun.

Sandwiches fit nicely into the bags.

This is Dylan’s club sandwich on a bun.  It fits easily into the baggie and my 8-year-old can even pack it himself. 

So, that’s “What’s in My House”.  If you like the bags and want them in yours, check out Lindsey’s Etsy site.



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5 responses to “Stuff I Love!

  1. Those are such a great idea! We don’t pack sandwiches (since we’re both retired) but I’d definitely use those if we did. I also love buying handmade and promoting others who do.

  2. Those are great! I pack my husband’s lunch almost every day and those would come in handy. 🙂

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