Lavender’s Blue . . . (April Can Jam)

When the Can Jam ingredient was unveiled here I was both excited (because I have lots of herbs growing) and anxious (because I had no idea what to do with all those herbs). 

Food for Thought, a local company specializing in organic and local foods sells a variety of jams infused with herbs or blended with wines.  I’m a huge fan of the strawberry basil.  However, I don’t have any basil growing and I finished off all the unsweetened frozen strawberries in the freezer.   I do have lots of lavender so I decided to attempt a version of blueberry lavender jam.  I was out of blueberries so I had to buy local organic berries from Oryana, but I still managed to make a local jam.

I searched the Internet and found various recipes for blueberry lavender jams, but none were exactly what I wanted.  Most required pectin.  Some called for grape or apple juice concentrate.  I opted to make a long-cook, pectin free blueberry jam and add lavender.

First, get a tea infuser and fill it with freshly-picked lavender.

Tea infuser filled with lavender

Convenient measuring cup

Screw the cap on the infuser and dangle it in the sauce pan.

ready to steep in blueberries

The tea infuser makes a lovely "sachet".

Add the berries.

3 1/2ish cups blueberries

Add the sugar.

Lots of sugar

3 1/2 cups of sugar

Add two tablespoons of lemon juice and simmer until bubbly.

Let the lavender steep in the jam for about two hours.

Bring the jam back to a boil.  Check frequently to see if the jellying point has been met.  Once the jam has set, ladle into hot jars and process in a hot water bath for ten minutes.

5 8 oz. jars

Look! I got more than three jars!!!

I haven’t done a side by side comparison with Food For Thought’s jam, but it sure was tasty on a slice of sourdough from Bay Bread!

Blueberry lavender jam on toast.




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11 responses to “Lavender’s Blue . . . (April Can Jam)

  1. Those are lovely, I’m so getting in the mood for a bit of canning! I do have rhubarb…. though still too many jars of jam and jelly left from last year!

    • aastricker

      I still have jam and jelly from last year, too but I recently started prioritizing my jelly consumption. I stopped eating apple jelly and we started eating strawberry and mulberry because I can replace those sooner.

  2. Beautiful!!! I love blueberries and lavender, the combination must be yummy!

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  4. I don’t really like jam but I love lavender so I think I have to try this!

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  7. I am eager to try this delicious-looking infusion! i stumbled upon your site looking for a decent technique to preserving this abundance of blueberries that i have, and this seems to be a great combination.

  8. made this as do not like buying pectin…simmered it for 1.5 hrs then day opened the jar to find a rock hard awful tasting jam ! is your recipe poss. wrong ? had to toss the lot

    • aastricker

      Did you test it on a cool plate? Depending on how hot your simmer was or how long you boiled it, it could have been too long. Pectin-free jams are a science; the border between jam and candy is narrow.

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