Chicken Run

Okay, so really it’s a chicken tractor, but look what hubby built me today:

Brand new chicken run.

Isn’t it amazing?  The traditional anniversary gift for twelve years is silk and linen, but I’m diggin’ pvc and chicken wire. 

Now my dear Molly (and soon the chicks) can forage around the yard eating grass, weeds and bugs to their hearts’ contents.  Molly loves it. 

Molly enjoying the sunshine in her new run.

Even Dylan loves it!

Dylan and Molly in the "porto-coop".

And, if you haven’t read the comments here, guess what?  The girls are going to be in the Record Eagle on Sunday!


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7 responses to “Chicken Run

  1. Molly is getting big and lookin’ dangerous! 🙂

  2. Shirley Martinek

    What a great pen!

  3. That looks great! I’ve wanted to make one of those, but our yard is notoriously un-level (is that a word?) so it’s problematic. I guess I need something a little flexible…

    And congrats on 12 years! 🙂

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  5. Meme

    I love it. This is almost exactly what I am looking to build. If you were making modifications what would you do different or add to it? You know a coop is always evolving for me so I would like to hit all the main changes up front. I am thinking some old training wheels from a bike on the front so I can lift and roll to where I want it. Do you wish you had a door or a top to get to them if they are being difficult to get back out of there? Anything else you would add or change? Thanks so much.

    • aastricker

      We actually did modify it. I can’t believe I never posted pictures! We didn’t add a door or anything, but the Tractor v. 2.0 is more of a house shape with a pointed top (Penatagonal ends). I’ve never felt the need for a door because I just drag it back toward the coop with the coop door open at the end of the day; they all want to go to bed so they just run back in. As for wheels, I don’t think it is heavy enough to worry about them. Are you building soon? I can try and find/take a pic of the new tractor for you.

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