Morel Season in Full Swing

So hubby beat me to the punch on the first morels this year, but we went out again this morning.  At last!  My first morels of the season.

Can you see them?

Hard to find.

Look closely; they're elusive.

How about now?

Hidden in the leaves and grass.

Even close up they hide well.

It takes a while for your eyes to adjust to the ground cover, but it’s worth the time spent.  Here are the same mushrooms in my hand for size comparison.

Mushrooms often grow in pairs or clumps.

Number four and five.

We spent about three hours hunting and ended up with this:

Pile of morels

Nice variety of mushrooms from the same general area.

The big whites are just starting to appear.  Hopefully I can get out again soon.


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2 responses to “Morel Season in Full Swing

  1. meg

    Gorgeous! Morels were my “gateway” mushroom in college. As a kid I thought I hated mushrooms, but then in college (in Iowa City) I went morel hunting…then fried them up with butter and cracker crumbs. Yum.
    I wonder if I can find them around here…

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