Chicks, Man

The girls are getting so big!  They’ve changed so much over the last few weeks.  They’ve lost almost all of their downy fluff and their feathers and personalities are developing. 

Here they are in the living room not paying attention to the basketball game.  This step-stool chair makes an ok perch, but it is very slippery.  Bella didn’t stay on very long but the other girls did well.

The three girls on a chair.

Luna, Bellatrix and Hermione

 Bellatrix or “Bella” is my favorite.  She comes right to you if you put your hand in the brooder, loves to be held and will sit on my lap for a long time while I work.  She’s “helping” right now. Bella’s a Dominique which is a “heritage” breed because although this breed has been around for a long time, they are now considered critically endangered.

My Bella

Bellatrix "roosting"

 Here she is with Dylan. 

Bellatrix perched on The Boy.

Bella wouldn't pose for her picture.

Even though she wouldn’t look at the camera, you can get a nice view of the feathers coming in on her back.

Hermione, our Golden-Laced Wyandotte, is the most skittish of the three.  She won’t come to me readily but doesn’t protest once I have her. 

Hermione from behind.

View of Hermione's back.

 Her feathers aren’t as evenly developed as the other girls’ feathers are, but she’s starting to catch up.  She still has crazy “hair” but her lipstick is pretty, isn’t it?

Hermione: front view

Hermione close up.

 Luna, an Easter-Egger, looks like a hawk. 

Luna Lovegood

You are the falcon and I am The Falconer.

The pattern on her wings is very pretty.  Luna is the biggest and the bossiest of the three.  She’ll probably lay green eggs, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for blue.

Luna Lovegood

Backside view of Luna



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4 responses to “Chicks, Man

  1. They are beautiful! I think our Ameraucana looks like a hawk as well.
    How do you deal with them in the house? I’m all new to this I have been hesitant because of both constant poop, how intense their desire is to fly and wondering where they would end up =)

    • aastricker

      They don’t try to fly too much when they’re out. They mostly just want to sit with us. Poop is a hazard. Yesterday we inverted a broken, wooden tv tray and let them perch on the crossbar. They didn’t try to fly away and we placed newspaper under the drop zone so it was an uneventful excursion.

  2. The girls are looking great Angela! So glad to see new pics of them. I happened to drive by several times this weekend and got a good “road side” view of Molly. She looked so big and fluffy, LOL!

    I brought Amy by last night around 8pm to take a look but she’d already gone to bed. Cant wait to meet her and the little girls once again. I haven’t seen them since they were a day old… sniff… sniff…

    See you Wednesday!

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