May Can Jam Preview

Spring has finally sprung!  Ok, so it’s less than forty degrees, the forecast for today was snow and we’re under a frost advisory.  But, the spring produce doesn’t seem to care.  Wild leeks and morels have been showing their faces for a while now and even strawberries have appeared recently although they were helped along by a greenhouse.  

Despite the miserable weather, the Sara Hardy outdoor farmers’ market opened for the season today.  My honey purveyor was there along with numerous farmers selling plant starts and potted plants, syrup, greens, baggies of morels, cheese rhubarb and the veggie I’ve been waiting for . . . Asparagus! 

I’ve been hoping the Can Jam Challenge would feature asparagus ever since I signed up for it.  I saw some lovely pickled asparagus spears at Oryana for a ridiculous price last winter and decided that I should try pickling my own.  Now, Sarah at Toronto Tasting Notes has come through for me!  Actually, she was kind enough to give me a choice: asparagus or rhubarb.  Both are delicious, and fortunately making their appearances now. 

I might still venture a rhubarb attempt, but look what I brought home today:

All cleaned up and no place to go.

Asparagus spears prepped for their big day.

Joanne Olds was shivering in the rain at the outdoor farmer’ market.  So, even though I was headed to the indoor market I bought my asparagus from her instead of her son, Josh.  I bought five pounds.  The photo shows the spears cleaned and trimmed.  You’ll have to check back in a couple of weeks to see what becomes of them.


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3 responses to “May Can Jam Preview

  1. We’ve been eating our fill of asparagus. Just love it for the short time it’s with us. I’ll be interested to see your canning adventure.

  2. Angie

    Why make people wait a couple of weeks?

    • aastricker

      In order to be part of the “Official Can Jam” I have to post the entry between certain dates. So, even though you already saw my jars, you’ll have to wait. 🙂

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