Upcoming Chicken Events

Traverse City put itself on the Chicken Map last September when it changed the city ordinances to allow residents to keep four hens on in-town parcels.  TC wasn’t the first foreward-thinking city to allow urban chicken keeping but was definitely ahead of the trend; residents of other cities are still fighting for the right to keep chickens in their towns. 

Now that chickens are legal, people are making a squawk about it.  (Sorry, I couldn’t help it.)  NMC recently held a class about keeping chickens.  ISLAND, the Institute for Sustainable Living, Art and Natural Design is hosting a skill swap in June for rabbits, ducks and of course, chickens.  Both the express and the Record Eagle have run chicken articles (featuring my chickens) since September.  The Record Eagle even reprinted the article (much to my surprise) in its free weekly paper, the North Coast.  Edible Grande Traverse, one of my favorite publications, recently featured an article on chickens.  Even though they weren’t mine :), I must admit it was an excellent article.  

Urban Chicken Parade of Homes

Are you chicken enough?


Of course, I can’t forget the Coop Loop.  The tour is June 12th from 11:00 – 2:00.  You can do the tour at your own pace or join a guided cycle tour led by a chicken on a Vespa.  The tour concludes with a shindig at the Commons complete with frescas and a raffle.  I’ll hook you up with a map soon so you can join us if you’re around but there’ll be a sign in the yard pointing you to my coop.   

Tony of Traverse City Urban Chickens is the webmaster for our group.  He recently updated the website to include “coop owners” info.  The girls and I are here.   See you on the tour?

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