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Back in April I wrote a post called “Stuff I Love” after being inspired by my friend.  I had intended for it to become a sort of regular feature.  I even had a few things in mind to write about.  And then. . .

The “Hiatus”.

So, now that I am back I have a lot of catchin’ up to do.  I still plan to write about those other things I love, but today I have a new love to share with you. 

As part of my “live simpler, get back you your roots” life plan, I have been scheming for the addition of a clothesline.  Here are the pros:

  1. Clotheslines are the ultimate environmentally-friendly laundry solution. 
    No fossil fuels are used to create the power necessary to run a clothesline. 
  2. Clotheslines are a miser’s dream.
    No fossil fuel consumption = FREE to run. 


Now for the cons:

  1. Hubby does all the laundry. 
    Hubby refuses to use a clothesline.
  2. Hubby doesn’t like his underwear publicly displayed. 
    I wanted the clothesline in the front yard near the exit nearest the laundry room.
  3. Clotheslines can create stiff towels even with the use of my homemade fabric softener.
  4. Clotheslines do not remove the lint (or dog hair) from your laundry. 
    My dog creates a lot of hair.
  5. Clotheslines are subject to the whim of Mother Nature.
    Cool cloudy days result in long drying times.
  6. Clotheslines don’t work in the rain.

See what I’m up against?  The con list is definitely longer than the pro list.  If I wanted a clothesline, some serious action needed to be taken.

OR . . .

I could just wait for the dryer to break down in the middle of a cycle with another load of wash waiting in the wings.

I opted for the latter.

Also helpful was the fact that one of my students gave me a $25 Lowe’s gift card as a teacher gift at the end of the year.

New Clothesline

My new dryer. I think I shall call it "Olan" in honor of the student who gifted me the Lowe's card.


Here is the latest and greatest thing I love.  This umbrella-style clothes line folds down for storage and holds up to three loads of laundry!  I love it and have done lots of laundry since we brought it home.  I especially love how the sheets feel after drying on the line.

Now, how do I combat the cons?  Well, I can’t control Mother Nature, but I can hang the laundry early if it is a cool or cloudy day because I am home for the summer.  If it rains I can always use the dryer.  (Yes, hubby replaced the dryer.)

Stiff and/or hairy items can be placed in the new dryer to tumble without heat for a few minutes until they are less stiff or hairy.

The clothesline is in the back yard which means I have to carry it a little bit longer, but nobody can see our underwear.  Also useful is the multi-line design which allows for personal items to be hidden in the center of the rack by larger items on the outside lines.

Hubby doesn’t use it.  I can’t overcome that.  If I want my things dried on my line cheaply and greenly, I will have to do the laundry (at least the drying) myself.


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14 responses to “Stuff I Love

  1. I had one of these clothes lines years ago at a house I rented. I always loved to hang the clothes out but the towels always did feel like cardboard. Hanging out laundry brings me back to the days mom hung our clothes on those lines across the driveway. Seems like days were slower and less hectic then.

    • aastricker

      Slower and less hectic is what I’m going for, but sometimes it seems like the more I try to step away from the “real world”, the busier I get. Someday I’ll find the balance.

  2. Join “Project Laundry List” at

    I have used clotheslines for years and can’t imagine having to always use a dryer. Fresh air, exercise, clothes smell like sunshine. Agreed, the clothesline does not remove the dog hair. On the other hand – that dog hair is clean 😀

    I must confess that I have a dryer – it came with the house when we bought it. On rare occasions it even gets used – very rare. When we move back to MI I will probably have another dryer because of weather. Michigan weather vs. Arizona weather. I very rarely need a dryer in AZ.

    I love those stiff rough towels right off the line. Feels like a really good massage 😀

    Finally, if I allowed my husband to do the laundry he would also use the dryer 😦 – that is, if the laundry ever got done in the first place.


    • aastricker

      Arizona clothes drying on the line must be much speedier than Michigan’s although we’ve had some good hot days recently that dried the sheets lickety-split.
      The towels are really exfoliating, just not as pretty.
      Start washing his underwear with red shirts; that’s how I got laundry duty taken away from me. 🙂

    • aastricker

      Oh, and I did sign up for “Project Laundry List”; thanks!

  3. I haven’t used my clothesline much this year. Growing up, our neighborhood forbade clotheslines (yeah, I know) so I always wanted one. But, as you say, there are cons. I hate ironing, and it forces me to iron. When I’m off in the summer I don’t mind as much, but I do not iron during the school year. Also, bugs always seem to find a home in something and when I shake out the clothes, I am treated to those freaky things with the antennae in their butt…hate those things.
    I should add that one of the food bloggers is an engineer and she did a whole breakdown on how much money you are really saving…and it ends up that you can reduce your carbon footprints in other ways….

    • aastricker

      Lots of suburban communities have ridiculous ordinances forbidding things like fences of certain heights, clotheslines, and even chickens!
      I’m sure I’ll use the line less in the fall and winter, but now that I am home it seems like the right thing to do. I still don’t iron, clothesline or no.
      Ewww, earwigs. They are nasty.
      I’ll have to check that out. With all the computer issues I have been having lately I’ve fallen behind and missed lots of great posts.

  4. I’m glad you are back! I have a major hankering for a clothesline as well but can’t decide where to put it. And living in Seattle, it isn’t practical much of the year. But, I’ll get one yet!

    • aastricker

      Thanks, I’m glad to be back! It’s been pretty wet and humid here the last two days so I know the line won’t always be practical, but after reading all these great comments, I have the sudden urge to wash clothes.

  5. stephanie

    The flies have been so bad that I havent used out line much ( fly poop and clean clothes… GROSS). Another pro is sunbleaching dingy clothes, NO CHEMICALS!! 🙂

    • aastricker

      Ick. I haven’t had so many, but there were plenty this weekend when we were south of town.
      Good point! I forgot about sunbleaching when I was writing, but I love how much brighter my clothes look off the line.

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  7. TeacherPatti mentioned ironing clothes that have been on the clothesline. A friend, who now lives in Grawn, taught me how to finger-press my clothes as I hang them. I simply do not iron anything. I do have a very old iron and a vintage board – collecting dust.

    I have to wonder if the engineer mentioned above took into account all of the embedded costs of a dryer from conception (on the drawing board) to the finished product in your house? I’ll have to check out that link.


    • aastricker

      I don’t iron either. I shake (flick?) things when I hang them and again when I am done.
      My iron and (padless) ironing board are collecting dust as well. I do press my seams when I sew but I use a towel instead.
      I did check the link but don’t remember anymore what it said.

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