Stuff I Love ~ My Ecomower


Reel Mower


Ecomower is a relatively new term.  Apparently, I’ve been ecomowing for years without knowing it. 

I bought my Scott’s reel mower a long time ago. Who’da thunk, I was ahead of the band wagon on this one!  I love it.  It’s quiet.  It’s cheap and clean because it doesn’t use any gas.  I don’t have to breathe exhaust fumes or have dirt and dust blown at me.  My mower is good exercise.  I even feel safe letting the kids push it around.  (I wouldn’t let them push around those deathtrap gas mowers.) 

stringy weeds

The bunnies LOVE plantain.

Ok, so it doesn’t do a great job with long weeds like those seedy pods on the plantain or dandelion flowers, but as long as I keep up on the lawn, it does a good job.  Besides, the chickens and bunnies help keep the taller weeds in check; they love plantains and dandelions.  I can’t say that I’d use my push mower if I had a VERY large lawn, but if I had a bigger yard, I’d probably have more gardens.  Or more fruit trees.  Or, a goat.  So, I guess even if I had a VERY large lawn, I would probably still use my ecomower.

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15 responses to “Stuff I Love ~ My Ecomower

  1. We like our reel mower. Have to stay on top of the mowing though, if the grass gets too long it doesn’t do a good job. We have had a lot of rain in the past month so that has been a challenge.


    • aastricker

      I agree. I had to borrow a gas mower from a friend down the street this spring because it kept raining and the grass got too long.

  2. We have an “eco” lawn mower also and also have had it a long time. Yours looks as though it is a bit easier to push than ours. Ours is REALLY old and hard to push. I absolutely hate the gasoline ones and the electric ones are rather useless.

    BTW – those plantain “weeds” and dandelions are highly nutritious herbs for people as well as chickens. 😀

    • aastricker

      I know, but I haven’t started eating my weeds yet aside from the purslane rampant in my vegetable beds. My friend that works with herbs a lot says that plants are wise; the ones you need come right to you.

  3. Thanks for cheering on our company!


  4. I have the same mower – and the same trouble with random tall weeds. 🙂 I too would never want a gas one, but your bunnies and chickens are welcome to come down the street anytime and help make things more presentable!

  5. What a beautiful mower! Much better than our old manual one it looks like. I get so tired of hearing those gas powered mowers start up every Saturday morning – I’m so glad you are using your muscles instead! And maybe you can harvest the plantain and dandelions before mowing. ;p

  6. We have been looking into a manual, this might just push us over the edge!

  7. Thanks for leaving me a note. BTW – Your ceviche recipe looks mouthwateringly awesome! I would love for you to link it up! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

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