Back to School

In a rare, photo-less post, I’d just like to take a minute to remind everyone to stop and smell the roses.  Mostly figuratively, but also literally if you get the chance.  As a school teacher I treasure the days of summer that seem to zip by all too quickly.  Labor Day rolls around and I must return to work.  And reality.  I’ve worked 12-hour days all week and gone to bed most nights by 9:00. 

Life is busy.  And crazy.  Your children will grow up quickly (trust me).  Your friends will move away.  So my Simple Life suggestions are these:

Hug your children.  Call your parents.  Next time the weather cooperates, drop everything that doesn’t need to be done this very instant and run to the beach or whatever makes you happy. 

Life is too short and time is too precious for you to watch it pass you by with the “need-tos”.

Happy Thursday.

If you’re not out enjoying the last of the summer weather, take a minute to check out the other suggestions for a simple life at the blog hop.


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5 responses to “Back to School

  1. Happy Back to school! Wish I was teaching right now and not on strike! What school district are you in?

    • aastricker

      I saw your post about the strike. I work for Traverse City Area Public Schools. I thought there was a law against striking? I hope it doesn’t last too long; that could really mess with your calendar and would definitely not be good for the kids.

  2. Thanks for the reminder as the momma a a large family (8 living children) sometimes I can get caught up in the to do list!!

  3. I love this message. You might have noticed I did just that last week. I grabbed the kids and ran to the beach, hugging them all the while. The beans got too big and stringy while we were gone but other than that it worked out just fine. Sometimes you’ve gotta steal moments.

    • aastricker

      I did too and I’m so glad I did. The Tuesday before Labor Day I should have been setting up my room for school but it was a beautiful (hot) day so I dropped everything and took the kids to the beach for the afternoon. It left me scarambling to get everything done in time but it we haven’t had a beach-worthy day since.

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