Edible Grande Traverse (or, Yay! I’m a Published Author!!)

I’ve been a reader of Edible Grande Traverse since its very first, morel-covered issue.  Edible Grande Traverse is a part of a larger circle of magazines called Edible Communities with editions devoted to all different regions of the country including Edible Portland, Edible Allegheny and Edible WOW .  By their own account, “Edible Grande Traverse is for readers interested in:

  • Eating and growing delicious, locally produced, seasonal foods.
  • Learning about the people who grow, produce, cook, sell and serve those foods.
  • Discovering great dining, day trips, wine, beer and spirit makers, food events, festivals, books to read and new products to savor.”

It doesn’t disappoint. 

Well, remember back in May when I told you about my trip to Detroit for the Farm to Cafeteria Conference?  I was asked by the editors of Edible Grande Traverse to write an article about my experience with Farm to School.  So I did.  And now, it’s published.  And you can read it by clicking on the cover.  

Edible Grande Traverse Fall 2010

My first published work!

(Pages 14-15 are mine but the whole magazine is wonderful as always.)


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3 responses to “Edible Grande Traverse (or, Yay! I’m a Published Author!!)

  1. Super congratulations 😀 Edible GT is the best periodical on the market for local foods and wines. I love it.

  2. Congratulations! That’s wonderful!

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