#61 (25 Pounds in 101 Days)

This isn’t a diet and exercise blog.  Now for the but:  But, I do run.  Sporadically at times, but I still call myself a runner.  I was never an athlete in school.  I think I played basketball for a season in fourth grade, but I didn’t know the rules and I pissed off the people who actually knew how to play.  Although I can’t sing, I took choir in middle school so that I wouldn’t have to take a P.E. class as an elective.  I was always on the pudgy side of healthy; never really fat, but not fit either. 

Then I met dh.  We got engaged and I decided I wanted to look good in my wedding dress.  I still wasn’t a runner, but I started going to the gym and rollerblading.  I ran on the treadmill at the gym and even bought one but I HATED running on the treadmill.  I managed to get in shape and get down to 137 pounds.  I only maintained that weight for a few weeks but I settled at 141 and managed to maintain that  for several years without having to work too  hard at it.  At 5’8″, 141 is a pretty reasonable weight.  And then . . .

Bubba.  I got pregnant with Dylan.   I exercised at first but by the middle of the second trimester I wasn’t doing much.  I walked Gwen back and forth to school every day but aside from that I didn’t really exercise; I slept.  I was exhausted all the time.  I got up to 192 pounds and my feet were so swollen that I couldn’t wear shoes.  After Dylan was born I was in the 160-170 range but I still couldn’t exercise.  Dylan cried.  And cried.  And cried.  The only time he didn’t cry was when I held him.  I tried letting him cry.  I tried getting him to fall asleep and then putting him to bed; he immediately awoke and started to cry.  Pushing a baby in a jogging stroller through snowbanks isn’t a pleasant endeavor.   My weight settled at about 165 and stayed there for a long time. 

When you are 5’8″, hiding 5-10 pounds is pretty easy.  I didn’t notice when my weight started to climb.  The holidays arrived:  Halloween with its candy; Thanksgiving and its feast; Christmas with its never-ending supply of goodies.  One day I woke up and weighed 197 pounds.  Weighing more than I did as a nine-months-pregnant lady was a shocker.  I started exercising again but never managed to break 162. I dieted.  I exercised.   I had my thyroid tested.  My weight never budged.  I settled on the idea that my body’s weight meter had just reset itself and I would always weigh 162.  Then I got tired of weighing 162.  I started taking long hikes with my friend Alicia.  That seemed to help; the weight slowly started to drop and I noticed I was more toned.  I started dieting again; it dropped a little more.  I started running and it was like magic; I finally managed to get back down to 150.  I stayed there for a long time but when I stopped running regularly?  You can figure out the rest.

My weight slowly crept back up.  My clothes got squeezy.  I got tired of being too big for my clothes and feeling much older than I am.  So, I added #61 to the list and here we are.  Number 60 was added to help me meet goal #61 but losing the weight is important to me.  When I finish my 1001 days I’ll be almost forty.  That seems a long way off but it’s really just around the corner.  I don’t want to weigh 172 pounds when I’m forty.

Starting weight

The camera weighs .2 lbs. but this is where I'm starting.

Twenty-five pounds doesn’t get me back to 137 lbs., but if it gets me back into my skinny jeans (#71) I’ll be happy.

I’m not going to bore you (or myself) with weekly weigh-in posts, but I plan to achieve this goal before my 101 days are up so watch for an update before then!


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