#89 ~ Beat the pogo.com Scrabble Robot on Master Level

I am an addict.  There, I’ve done it.  The first step is admitting I have a problem, right? 

I love Scrabble.  Hubby and I have accumulated a collection of Scrabble boards and we play pretty regularly.  Lately, we’ve been playing against each other online.  I know, how dorky is that?  Sometimes, he doesn’t want to play.  But.  I.  Still.  Do.  So I play against the computer at pogo.com.  Scrabble is like crack to me.  Once I start, I can’t stop.  I started in the beginner room but quickly moved up to a harder level.  One day I tried “Master”.  The computer beat me over and over again.  I got frustrated and moved back down to “expert” level where I can win pretty consistently but I still really wanted to win at the Master level, so goal #89 was born. 

And look!

My first try!

Today in only two tries I beat those robots not once, but twice!  Yay me! 

Final score of game 2


See, in the bottom right corner you can see the Master tab is selected.

Now I can stop playing, right?  Right?

Probably not, but I can cross this off the list.



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6 responses to “#89 ~ Beat the pogo.com Scrabble Robot on Master Level

  1. Have you tried the Super Scrabble game yet? I played with my grandma over the holidays and it is really fun. More letters, more than one z, q, etc and bigger board with quadruple letter and word score spaces. Our scores were in the 600-700’s every game!

  2. Wendy

    I was Googling for info on Scrabble and your blog came up. Are you still addicted? I am, but I’m finding that the robots are sporadic. I’m playing at the expert level and can win fairly consistently. But then I’ll get a bot that just blows me away, consistently and by great amounts. It plays words that would have Webster shaking his head. Why are the bots so inconsistent? Is it something I’m doing wrong?

    • aastricker

      It is sporadic and I still play but with derby and school I don’t have as much time. The bots are incocnsistent because they are completely random and don’t have a strategy like you do. If it gets frustrating, take a break and come back.

  3. plantlover

    I have found that the Robot lets me win consistently at the Master level. I am frustrated by that but sometimes I can’t wait for a player. Often I’ll just skip it, rather than play with the Robot. For instance even when there’s an obvious triple, he doesn’t go for it but leaves it for me. It doesn’t seem like a fair game. I am just curious. How does the Robot play? Is it all automatic. Or is it an actual person that is super good & just sits there all day and plays? It seems that if it is automatic, there would be mistakes sometimes.

  4. How do you get to select a robot? I only get Robot #2, which is the only choice I’m given when I sign in.

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