The 2011 Spice Rack Challenge

“Mom” at Mother’s Kitchen decided she needed some inspiration to try all those spices tumbling around her kitchen.  So, she created the Spice Rack Challenge.  I signed up, of course.  I tend to use the same few spices from my drawer over and over no matter what I’m making so this will be a good challenge to help get me out of my spice rut.  It might also be a good way to help me finish some of the cooking items on my 101 in 1001 list. 

So, how does it work?

  • Each month a dried herb or spice will be featured.  Each participant will use the herb/spice in a recipe and write a post about it.
  • On the last Wednesday of each month Mom will post a round-up and announce the next month’s spice/herb. 
Want to play along?
  • There’s still time to participate in the challenge!  Sign up before the deadline for the first post, January 21, 2011 by sending an email to: momskitchen(at)comcast(dot)net  Put Spice Rack Challenge as the subject and include your name and blog url.  Participants will be listed here.
  • You have to have a blog to participate but blogging is much easier than it looks!  If you can upload pictures to Facebook or Twitter, you can blog.  Really. 


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3 responses to “The 2011 Spice Rack Challenge

  1. thanks for the Spice Rack challenge shout out!

    • aastricker

      I linked this post to my FB account to so maybe we’ll get some participants that way. I’m excited about the challenge.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, I’m joining now!

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