#52 ~ Empty the Fridge, Clean it out and Put all the Food Back in.

I’ve been working on this project since Tuesday.  I had a plan.  I started by having a “leftovers for dinner” night to help clear some of the riff-raff out.  Then I made a batch of chicken stock which used up the two picked-over chicken carcasses and a bunch of the not-so-pretty vegetables, clearing even more space.  After that I made a batch of ham stock which reduced the contents of the produce drawer further and eliminated the ham bone leftover from Christmas dinner at the in-laws’ house.  Finally, I fed some wilted produce to the chickens, composted a couple moldy things, threw out the package of spoiled cream cheese and got to work.

I started by cleaning all the right-hand shelves.  I moved everything from the top shelf, took it out, scrubbed it down with my Sink Scrub, returned it to the refrigerator and replaced all the food that belonged there in a neat and orderly fashion.  I continued working shelf-by-shelf until I got to the bottom shelf and the produce drawers. 

The bottom of the refrigerator stripped of its parts.

 This area required drastic action.  I removed both drawers, the glass panel and the frame that holds the drawers, scrubbed it all, wiped down the sides and bottom of the fridge and put all the parts back in before finishing the rest of the fridge.  I probably should’ve added “replace the bulbs in the refrigerator” to the list, but they have been burnt out so long I don’t even remember what it’s like to have lights in the refrigerator. 

Neat and organized.

I actually have enough room now to put vegetables in the left drawer and fruits in the right.  Now I’ll have to go get groceries and fill it back up.  Isn’t it pretty?  Scratched off the list!  (But I’m sure it will need to be done again before the end.)



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9 responses to “#52 ~ Empty the Fridge, Clean it out and Put all the Food Back in.

  1. ybreiden

    That IS very pretty! Good for you!

  2. lifefullofwhimsy

    Wow, i haven’t even finished writing my list, and you are just plugging away! It’s so nice to have a clean fridge! I like to do it every so often.

  3. Oh, that’s something I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while. Thanks alot for reminding me!! Yours looks great.

  4. oh yeah I need to do that too. for some reason I can’t stand a dirty fridge and yet it seems that mine is always that way

  5. …I will go do that right now!

  6. ahhhhhh nice clean fridge and it only took about 20 minutes

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