#37 ~ Homemade (Rosemary Garlic) Pasta

When I decided to make homemade pasta every month I didn’t realize Mr. Hippie would get involved, but tonight’s pasta was his idea!  We made two batches because the pasta maker, like the meat grinder is a pain to clean.  The first batch we made exactly like the last batch.  The second batch however, I wanted to use for the Spice Rack Challenge so we modified it a little.

Sheet of rosemary pasta waiting to be cut.

When we got to the hand-kneading step (#8), we cut the dough in half.  One half we treated just as the original recipe.  To the other half we added a teaspoon of minced fresh rosemary, a clove of minced garlic and a turn of cracked pepper from the pepper mill. All the other steps were exactly the same. 

Waiting for their turn in the dehydrator.

However, with twice as much pasta to dry, we needed to find a way to speed up the process.  After a little internet research I decided that the dehydrator would help with this.  We put pasta on the racks and dried it for about an hour instead of letting it sit out overnight like I did last time.  It kept us busy adding and removing pasta from the machine all night, but we finished our pasta in a day instead of two and I didn’t have noodles hanging all over my kitchen.

The pasta is fragrant and delicious.  We could have easily doubled the amount of rosemary in the recipe, but rosemary can be overpowering and I didn’t want to ruin a whole batch of homemade pasta.



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6 responses to “#37 ~ Homemade (Rosemary Garlic) Pasta

  1. This sounds wonderful. Both Rosemary and garlic are favorites. In fact, I have 3 small pots of Rosemary, having grown them from my huge permanent Rosemary here in the desert, which I am bringing with me when I move to Lake Ann in 2 more months.

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  4. Brilliant. I am due for some homemade pasta and I have sooo much rosemary. I think I shall try it!

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  6. nice try…..
    I even add a bunch of roasted garlic in my homamade pasta,
    A springkle of chopped fresh dill or basil would suitable too…

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