#7 ~ Write Another Magazine Article and Have it Published

Writing is something that I’ve always done but didn’t realize I really enjoyed until recently.  After I started this blog I began thinking more and more about writing for an audience.  I can upload pictures and write down recipes, but if nobody looks at them, or reads them, then they are just taking up virtual space.  Sometimes when I post things I know that they aren’t going to be very popular posts, but typically, I try to share information that will be helpful or interesting to my readers, and to people who just stumble in for a visit. 

A Tomato in Every Pot and Compost in Every Backyard

Last year I was asked by the editors of Edible Grande Traverse to write an article about my experiences with farm to school.  I was honored.  Edible Grande Traverse is a local publication, but its readership is far greater than mine.  After the article was published, Barb and Charlie (the owner/operator/editors of the magazine) told me that they would like me to write for them again.  Last weekend the Winter 2011 issue hit the streets; my second article, “A Tomato In Every Pot and Compost in Every Backyard” is in it.

Hopefully, this won’t be my last!



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6 responses to “#7 ~ Write Another Magazine Article and Have it Published

  1. The thing is with blogging in genral its fun i love it i started out with just my life story then i moved on to BPD mental diagnosis i moved on form that to help people and then press articles its really good fun the best thing about blogging is the freedum you can blog what you want about you can allow messages you want with a blog you can do what big companies cant do you can change things or subjects witch i love to glad you enjoy blogging my slef i get a satifaction that someone out there will read my blog and it will help them

  2. I read “A Tomato . . . ” Great article in a great magazine. 😀

  3. I read your article this afternoon. I picked up a copy of Edible at the Grain Train. I learned so much from it ( I was amazed at all the things that I have been putting in the trash is actually usable ) and I just stopped by to extend my appreciation. I see some potted tomatoes in my future!

  4. Wonderful! And the more we write, the better we get! Keep up the good work and even if you don’t think your blog readers read it, write it anyway. I know some of my posts are popular while others aren’t, but they are me and my life. And you never know when something you write about will strike a cord with someone.

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