Happy New Year!

The new year is always a time for reflection.  And change. I’ve been on a break from derby.  I’ve been cooking.  Adam and I hauled about eight sacks of stuff to Goodwill. The kids and I have been cleaning. I’ve been sewing. In general, a very productive couple of weeks.

And then, my friend Maureen started a blog: 91 Reasons to Never Own a White Couch.  As I perused her humorous posts I started thinking, “I miss blogging”.  Friends have asked when I was going to write again.  Several months ago my father even mentioned that I hadn’t written anything in a while.  And of course, there’s The List.  I have been working on the list, I promise.  It’s just that with all my life going on around me, I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to actually document anything.

My derby break is finished; practices resume this evening.  I probably will still have limited time.  However, it is a new year. So, my resolution if you can call it that is to keep up with things a little better despite the craziness. Besides, today is a snow day. If you, like me, are a teacher, you know that anything seems possible on a snow day.

Check back soon for a new post or two.



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