Progress Report

Remember this?

101 in 1001

I do. Just over a year ago, I started my progress on these goals.

I haven’t done the greatest job of #9: Digitally document 101 in 1001 on a regular basis.

While I have been working on some of the goals, I haven’t been “digitally documenting” anything. So, to start off the year, here is a blanket post updating my progress, or lack of it on the 101.

 4.  Re-read the Harry Potter series.  Again. I have read some of these in the past year, but I can’t remember which. Or when. So, I’m not going to count my progress. I guess I’ll have to start over.
5. Read a book per month. I’ve read at least a book per month, but as with the Harry Potter series, details are sketchy so no real update here.

7. Write another article and have it published in a magazine. (2/4/11) (5/5/11) I actually have proof of when and where I did this!  The folks at edible Grande Traverse have been so great to me.  I really love their magazine (and them). Here is my latest article.
8.  Post 30 blog posts in 30 days. FAIL
9.  Digitally document 101 in 1001 on a regular basis.  (Photograph and document craft projects; summaries of less exciting activities.) EPIC FAIL
12. Write to my grandmothers every month. I have actually done a pretty good job of this. I sent cards, letters, and even magazines.

15.  Sew a set of snack bags similar to these my friend, Lindsey made. Does one count as a set??
18. Sew the apron that I bought fabric for in August.  Yay! I did this!  And, I have pictures to prove it.  Will post soon.
 21.  Make a HufflePuff themed something for Dylan.  Wow! I did this too.
22. Finish the scarf I started for Gwen on the Nifty-Knitter years ago. Define “finish”. It is as done as it can be. Somehow I have knitted it so that one color of yarn got used up faster than the other and the last row is a few inches short.  I’m torn.  Bind it off or frog it?
23. Learn how to turn heels and make a pair of socks.  This may never happen. I’ve learned that I can barely cast-on to needles this small let alone actually knit on them.  I’ve torn out the same two rows of a sock at least five times now.
 24. Make baby hats for my pregnant friends. Yes!

Um, no.

Yes, I have done most of the cooking tasks.  No, I don’t have proof.

Gardening/Urban Homestead/Around the House
48. Sift the compost bin. Yes! I think I even have pictures.

Canned lots, just not enough of the specific things needed to check off any of the things on the list.

61.Lose 25 pounds by day 101I never did get back down to the 147.8 that would have counted as completing this, but when I visited my Dr. in November (2011), I weighed in at 152 with a 22% body fat. Although I don’t completely agree with her, she told me I was at my ideal weight. According to this site, she’s correct. So, I’m counting this as finished.
62. Keep off the 25 lost pounds for the remaining 900 days. Does Christmas count? Aside from the holiday few that I put on and lost, so far so good.
 63. Run seven or more 5k races.  Ran the Leapin’ Leprechaun 27:17.09 Even though I haven’t really been running regularly, I did manage to complete three more races since I fell off the face of the blogosphere: Cherry Festival 5k (7/11); Zombie Run 5k (10/11); Turkey Trot (11/11).
68. Be able to complete 25 consecutive push-ups. Started this plan Yes! I can actually do 30 consecutively.  I’m now working on getting up to 50.  Today is push up day, so I better get on it.
70. Do yoga at least once a month. Attended class at Yoga for Health in January; practiced at Yen Yoga in February and March and joined Bikram when I joined the Roller Derby in April. Yes, I have done yoga at least once a month.
71. Fit into my skinny jeans. Yes, and Gwen’s skinny jeans, too!

76. Visit my parents at least twice a year. Yup. Went in November, and then back again for Christmas.  Even saw Gramma and Grampa while we were there.
77.  Take 5 camping trips. One.  Went to Dunegrass Music Festival in August and camped for the weekend.

Personal/Miscellaneous/Just for Fun
85. Pay off Bank of America Cards 86. Pay off Capital One Cards  87. Pay off Discover Card So, no real progress here, but Hubby and I have gone on a spending diet; more on that later.
90. Take my kids to the beach at least once a week all summer on each summer vacation Yes.  Some weeks we went nearly every day.
92. Try five new restaurants. So far, two. A mexican place in Detroit while we were at the Mitten Kitten Mash-Up roller derby tournament, and Harrington’s where we had “Christmas” dinner with dh’s friends. 
94. Have a date night with my hubby every month. Define “date”. We have been trying really hard to spend quality time together.  There were a few “real” dates that I’ll tell you about (or I won’t if I decide not to), but sometimes, around here going to Sam’s Club on sample day without any kids counts as a date.

Charitable Ventures
97.  Take the rest of the “extra” books to Goodwill/Women’s Resource. Done.
99. Clean out my closet every six months and donate my old clothing to Goodwill or Women’s Resource. So far, so good.

So, even though I haven’t done a great job of documenting things, I have been working on my 101.  As I mentioned yesterday, I hope to do a better job of posting this year. I have a post or two that I started and never finished that I should wrap up, and I have some 101 updates to work on, so hopefully you’ll be hearing from me soon!


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