Delicious Dark Days

You know how after Thanksgiving you eat turkey until you think you can’t eat anymore?  Well, after our ‘real’  Thanksgiving, I decided to do a Dark Days Thanksgiving so we have been eating turkey for three weeks now.  Hubby has been pretty understanding considering he is more of a red meat-and-potatoes kind of guy. 

Since our second Thanksgiving we’ve had turkey soft tacos, turkey pot pie, turkey wrap sandwiches and turkey gravy on mashed potatoes.  Most of the turkey-leftover dinners were mostly local even though I haven’t been making my own tortillas lately.   

Because I made so many local meals this week, I had a few dinners to pick from for this week’s post.  I had originally intended to post my turkey pot pie with homemade spelt crust, but when I wrote the recaps for last week’s Dark Days Challenge at the (not so) Urban Hennery, I had the opportunity to check out El’s pot pie at Fast Grow The Weeds.  After seeing her beautiful pie, my biscuit-topped pie seemed pretty plain so I decided to share another of my creations with you.

Dark Days Mashed POtatoes with Turkey Gravy

Simple yet delicious.

This simple dish is one of my favorite things to do with leftover turkey or roast chicken.  When the turkey was nearly gone, I threw the carcass in my stock pot and boiled it with some garlic, onions, herbs and root vegetables until I had a rich stock. I saved most of the stock to use later, but I set some aside to use for the gravy.  I made a roux of spelt flour and homemade butter and added the stock to the roux to form a rich, thick gravy.  I  picked the turkey clean, chopped the meat and added  it to the gravy simmering in my pan. 

Meanwhile, I boiled some local potatoes in their skins and then mashed them with homemade butter and Shetler’s milk.

You could easily add some vegetables to the gravy and have a simple stew.


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